E’s look book ‘Fancy sleeves blouse ‘


Blouse: Zara

Gilet: Next

Trousers: Zara

Boots: H&M

A black gilet worn with a red, stripy blouse with fancy sleeves, with wide leg , grey trousers and black boots.

Could have done it differently?

I was amazed by this blouse when I first saw it in a charity shop. The sleeves, the wrap up style, the bow. Having look at it now, I know I should have wrap myself more with the loose fabric and create a titter bow. Which I will do next time. Having to show off the sleeves I have chosen a quite old gilet. The trousers although grey, they have a red thread running through which ties them to the blouse. And I do like the mixed patterns: stripes and tartan. Boots just match the gilet.

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