E’s lookbook ‘Jumper dress’


Jacket: H&M

Jumper dress: H&M

Bag: H&M

Boots: dupes for Balenciaga

A beige puffer jacket worn with a dark beige jumper dress, beige ankle boots, and a pale yellow, crossbody bag.

How many jackets are too many?

Addicted to shopping I am for sure, maybe that’s why I couldn’t pass by the dress, the jacket and the bag. But let’s start from the beginning. The bag was on my radar from the summer. It was way too expensive to pay the full price, but I did love its squishiness and the colour, yellow but not in your face. After it went on sale I have snapped it up as the colour is muted enough not to be just a summer bag but it will fit into my winter colour scheme. The dress was full price, but I know how difficult it is to find a jumper dress that ticks all of the boxes at a reasonable price I was looking for one for the last 2 years. And the jacket was totally not needed but wanted, because of its colour and the fact that is cropped. All my winter jackets are longer, which makes perfect sense in colder months, but also gives the same silhouette. We shall see how practical a short jacket will be. On the other hand, winters hardly ever are frosty anymore. Overall I’m very pleased with this modern look.

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