E’s lookbook ‘Metallic purple and grey’


Jumper: C.M.P.55

Trousers: Primark

Bag: Caini

Boots: Deichmann

A grey sequined jumper worn with grey cargo pants, Metallic purple shoulder bag and metallic purple, embellished boots.

Need to find ways to wear these boots all the time. This time I’m wearing them with a sequined grey jumper and cargo pants. I have also rediscovered a bag that I had to take as an exchange, as a shop I purchased something did not have any refund policy. I was drawn to the bag but I had nothing to pair it with, and suddenly I have realised that the boots and the bag are almost the same colour. Which proofs my point that no matter what I will always pick similar colours as I find them the most esthetically pleasing.

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