E’s lookbook ‘Navy blue and yellow’


Earrings: Primark


Shorts: Primark

Belt unknown

Sandals: Primark

So, I’m stuck at home. It’s pandemic out there and for the greater good, I have to stay home, so I’m doing. But if I was allowed outside that’s probably what I would be wearing. You have probably spotted a trend here: shorts cut out of trousers that I already have and not very often wear. This pair of trousers is made from quite thick fabric and the material didn’t fold nicely at the hem, so the trousers got hardly ever worn. But we do not like such items in our wardrobes, they have to perform or go or get altered. After some DIY I can wear shorts when it’s still warm but I’m also hoping to wear them with tights when it gets colder. Today I went all yellow, lighter with the top, and stronger with the accessories.

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