E’s lookbook ‘Smartning up camo pants’

Trench: Nine West

Scarf unknown

Camo pants unknown

Boots: Primark

Shopper: DKNY

A camo pants worn with a black, classic trench coat, army green scarf, black, reflective shopper and army green boots

Smartning up camo pants

was the mission behind this look. I am debating getting rid of the above pair of trousers as they are not the most flattering of them all, but at the same time, I am strangely attracted to them. This type of trouser is always associated with masculinity and streetwear, I am tempted to make them more feminine. The colour combination is rather predetermined by the colours of the camo print. A trench smartens up almost anything and also covers up a lot and creates a defined waistline so I went with the garment. I only have one pair of boots in army green, so that was not a brainer. And the shopper was to bring a different texture and its size corresponds with the size of the boots. I feel a small bag would look out of place.

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