E’s lookbook ‘Flowery bomber jacket’


Jacket: Marella

Vest unknown

Skirt: Next

Sandals Select

Bag: Genuine Leather

A flowery bomber jacket worn with a lacy red vest, black pencil skirt, red shoulder bag and white summer sandals.
A flowery bomber jacket worn with a lacy red vest, black pencil skirt, red shoulder bag and white summer sandals.

A bit of jungle in a bomber jacket

might just be what one needs to have some impact. Combine flowers with stripes and one gets a concoction that rocks my boat. I wasn’t intending to go shy, so red lingerie like top was a must and then obviously a red bag to go with it. The only demure items are the black pencil skirt and white sandals. The jacket was another charity shop find. Whoever priced the items did not know the label as I got it for a fiver. It would have cost over a hundred fifty pounds when brand new. The weather is getting finer and looks like the bare leg season has just begun.

E’s lookbook ‘Vest on top’


Blouse: Primark

Brooch unknown

Vest: Primark

Denim: Primark

Trainers; Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A cropped wide-leg denim trousers worn with a fitted buttoned-up white shirt, cream vest, white trainers and a navy blue bag.

Oh, did I feel trendy?

I felt like I have discovered something new even though it has been done many times before. Where do I start? Let us start with the trousers. I have finally found wide-leg denim that fits at a reasonable price too, so I have bought 2 pairs in 2 different colours. The pair in question needed a small adjustment as the hem was too low. the perfect length is just above your ankle bone where your leg is at its thinnest to flatter the most. I have combined it with a basic, fitted buttoned-up white shirt and added a brooch in navy blue just under the collar. But I wasn’t done yet as I decided to wear a knitted vest on top of that. The whole outfit is budget-friendly as it is mainly Primark and all of the pieces will be staples in my wardrobe that I intend to wear in different ways. It’s also navy blue and white- favourite colour combo of many people.

E’s lookbook ‘Old navy classic’


Cardigan: Monsoon

Bomber: Stella

Trousers: H&M

Brogues: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A pale pink, floral bomber jacket worn with a waterfall navy blue cardigan, pink brogues and navy blue jeans and a bag.

The picture does not do it a justice.

The bomber jacket barely visible in this picture has a floral print with a pale gold metallic thread and pale pink background and it’s stunning. Combined with a much plainer cardigan, skinny jeans and pale pink brogues makes the outfit wearable and cool. want more colour keep the cardigan open, want it less wrap the cardigan up. the colour combination is neutral with a bit of a pop of metallic. overall a croud pleaser.

E’s lookbook ‘Spring pastels’


Coat unknown

Hoody: Select

Vest: H&M

Denim: Primark

Trainers: Primark

Bag unknown

Paper bag waist trousers worn with cropped white hoody, pale pink, long coat, cream bag and cream trainers

Spring pastels

is what I need right now. It’s getting warmer but the mornings are still chilly and they require a light jacket. I had this light jacket for a while but found it a bit too intimidating until I have figured it how to dress it down. I was eyeing this paper bag waist jeans in December last year, but then we went to a lockdown and I thought it was all over. When I saw them again this spring I had to have them. Love the colour, love the cut, intend to wear them a lot. Another impromptu purchase was this very cropped hoody. It makes sense to have something ending on your waist while all my recent buys are all high waisted style.

E’s lookbook ‘Schiaparelli pink mini skirt’


Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Boots: Aldo

Scarf homemade

Bag vintage

A white, puffer coat worn with black jumper, pink mini skirt, black over the knee boots, black bag and a stripy scarf.

Schiaparelli pink mini skirt.

How very 80-ties. The whole look is inspired by fashion from the past. I am pushing it a bit wearing a mini skirt in my late forties but I couldn’t resist. I got the skirt from a charity shop, like most of my clothes, in summer attracted by the colour. Schiaparelli pink is definitely in this season and I am taking advantage of the bold colour. As a rule, I do try to avoid putting strong colours with black, but in this case, I have broken the rules. I either wear it this way or not at all. I am limited to one pair of over the knee boots and they happen to be black. But I was trying to make the outfit lighter by exposing more skin and introducing white. Still, it is a pink skirt worn with black and white rather than monochromatic look with a splash of colour.

E’s lookbook ‘Navy blue richness’


Jacket: Joe Fresh

Blouse: New Look

Denim: American Eagle Outfitters

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A navy blue puffer jacket worn with navy blue denim, navy blue bag, white broderie anglaise shirt and white trainers.

The richness of navy blue always amazes me.

I have already mentioned that I got this jacket a couple of years back in a charity shop for a fiver. That might have been one of the best purchases, The richness of the colour and the quality of the jacket are stunning. Also, the trousers are from a charity shop and the colour is pristine. The bag is an everyday favourite. All navy blue, so much nicer than boring black.

This look is all about two colours. The white adds freshness but also breaks up texture as the shirt has some broderie anglaise.

E’s lookbook ‘Olive mix’


Coat: Primark

Scarf vintage

Bag unknown

Trousers unknown

Boots: Primark

An army green, teddy coat worn with a golden colour scarf, silky, golden, wide-leg trousers and army green bag and boots.

The colours remind me of the olive mix.

The scarf I am wearing I had since I was 18 years old. Truly vintage now. I used to wear it with another army green winter coat that I have since got rid off. As army green and gold go well together I have used my silky, wide-leg trousers to add richness and different texture. If we were allowed to go anywhere on a Boxing Day that would have been my outfit. comfortable but elevated.

The bag is a new addition, no name, probably a knock off of some designer. I have been considering buying it since the last lockdown. I have seen it in burgundy, electric blue and army green and couldn’t make up my mind which colour to choose, In the end when I got this coat the army green won. Even though the colour is similar to the coat the bag still stands out due to its texture.

E’s lookbook ‘Festive colours’


Coat: Primark

Scarf unknown

Bag: Borse in Pelle

Trousers: Zara

Booots: Primark

An army green teddy coat worn with army green trousers and boots and a bright red scarf and red shoulder bag.

Festive colours arent my kind of thing.

But somehow this colour combination works for me. I have eyed this coat for a hot minute. I obviously do not need any more coat, but as it comes to teddy coats this one is rather nice. The colour is good, dark but not black which will make it more versitile and better at combining it with other jewel toned colours.. It is incredibly soft and silky to the point that all bags slide off from my shoulder, which is enjoying. The coat is bulky but also it is rather warm. Somehow reminds me of coats in tudor times and this analogue should be applied rather loosly.

The scarf also is not for the faint-hearted. Kind of long-haired texture in an intensely red colour. Paired with a similar colour bag and the rest all in army green.

E’s lookbook ‘Chartruce’


Coat: Primark

Polo neck: Stamina

Dress: Asos

Trousers: Zara

Boots: Primark

Bag – vintage

Chartreuse, summer dress worn with an army green polo neck, army green trousers, brown long coat and brown, vintage bag.Outfit ideas for real people, styling on a budget

Still wearing summer pieces.

There we go again, stuck at home.No going out, but if I could that is exactly what I would be wearing. I’m obsessed with this chartreuse, silky dress. I’m still trying to wear summer pieces because soon all I will want to wear will be warm, chunky sweaters, scarfs and not much variety. Also making the most of the brown coat, that as predicted goes with most outfits. To make the dress more season-appropriate I’m wearing a warmer polo neck underneath it and also trousers. So the dress ends up being more of a tunic. The trick of layering. I was going to also add a belt but it looked a bit too much. Vintage bag to finish it off.

E’s lookbook ‘Metallic purple and grey’


Jumper: C.M.P.55

Trousers: Primark

Bag: Caini

Boots: Deichmann

A grey sequined jumper worn with grey cargo pants, Metallic purple shoulder bag and metallic purple, embellished boots.

Need to find ways to wear these boots all the time. This time I’m wearing them with a sequined grey jumper and cargo pants. I have also rediscovered a bag that I had to take as an exchange, as a shop I purchased something did not have any refund policy. I was drawn to the bag but I had nothing to pair it with, and suddenly I have realised that the boots and the bag are almost the same colour. Which proofs my point that no matter what I will always pick similar colours as I find them the most esthetically pleasing.



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