E’s look book ‘Fancy sleeves blouse ‘


Blouse: Zara

Gilet: Next

Trousers: Zara

Boots: H&M

A black gilet worn with a red, stripy blouse with fancy sleeves, with wide leg , grey trousers and black boots.

Could have done it differently?

I was amazed by this blouse when I first saw it in a charity shop. The sleeves, the wrap up style, the bow. Having look at it now, I know I should have wrap myself more with the loose fabric and create a titter bow. Which I will do next time. Having to show off the sleeves I have chosen a quite old gilet. The trousers although grey, they have a red thread running through which ties them to the blouse. And I do like the mixed patterns: stripes and tartan. Boots just match the gilet.

E’s lookbook ‘Dungarees’


Waistcoat: H&M

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A floral black, pink and green blouse worn with black, skinny dungarees, black waistcoat, and white trainers.

E’s lookbook ‘Lavender top’


Earrings: Primark

Top: Wednesday’s Girl

Denim: M&S

Bracelet unknown

Clutch: Julien McDonald

Brogues: Primark

A short, buttoned up pale lavender top with a small peplum worn with cropped denim trousers, and silver grey accesorries.

That is an outfit that instantaneously made me feel cool

and I am not referring to the colour palette. The top in a very pale lavender colour buttoned up with a small peplum is another charity shop acquisition. The colour and cut are extremely flattering. The same can be said about denim. another random charity shop purchase. Because of the crop, the trousers remain relatively cool even in high temperatures. Some accessories for more interest and brogues for some comfort.

E’s lookbook ‘Meddow in a top’

A highly flowery pastel blouse worn with paper bag waist trousers, cream bag and brogues and pearly earrings

I have high hopes for this trousers.

They do remind me of my youth and the 80-ties style is very much up my stream. The colour is perfect, pale blue, so all other pastels harmonize with it as shown in this example. The blouse highly elasticated can be worn in many ways, but the most comfortable is just pulled above the shoulders. Let me also draw attention to the bag, highly inspired by Chanel is surprisingly roomy and despite clinking of the chains comfortable to wear. I have finished off with some pearly jewellery for an even more feminine touch to offset the masculine trousers.

E’s lookbook ‘Vest on top’


Blouse: Primark

Brooch unknown

Vest: Primark

Denim: Primark

Trainers; Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A cropped wide-leg denim trousers worn with a fitted buttoned-up white shirt, cream vest, white trainers and a navy blue bag.

Oh, did I feel trendy?

I felt like I have discovered something new even though it has been done many times before. Where do I start? Let us start with the trousers. I have finally found wide-leg denim that fits at a reasonable price too, so I have bought 2 pairs in 2 different colours. The pair in question needed a small adjustment as the hem was too low. the perfect length is just above your ankle bone where your leg is at its thinnest to flatter the most. I have combined it with a basic, fitted buttoned-up white shirt and added a brooch in navy blue just under the collar. But I wasn’t done yet as I decided to wear a knitted vest on top of that. The whole outfit is budget-friendly as it is mainly Primark and all of the pieces will be staples in my wardrobe that I intend to wear in different ways. It’s also navy blue and white- favourite colour combo of many people.

E’s lookbook ‘Navy blue richness’


Jacket: Joe Fresh

Blouse: New Look

Denim: American Eagle Outfitters

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A navy blue puffer jacket worn with navy blue denim, navy blue bag, white broderie anglaise shirt and white trainers.

The richness of navy blue always amazes me.

I have already mentioned that I got this jacket a couple of years back in a charity shop for a fiver. That might have been one of the best purchases, The richness of the colour and the quality of the jacket are stunning. Also, the trousers are from a charity shop and the colour is pristine. The bag is an everyday favourite. All navy blue, so much nicer than boring black.

This look is all about two colours. The white adds freshness but also breaks up texture as the shirt has some broderie anglaise.

E’s lookbook ‘Potential’


Blouse: Monsoon

Necklace: Matalan

Trousers: Primark

Boots: Linzi

A floral pattern blouse with a golden thread within worn with navy blue culottes, burgundy, patent leather boots and a burgundy necklace.

If we had somewhere to go.

If we had somewhere to go I have just a perfect seasonal outfit for it. It is mainly old pieces. The blouse that I have had for a while is an intricate combination of pinks, purples, browns and greens with a golden thread within. I have paired it with navy blue culottes and burgundy, patent leather, crock effect boots. To tie the whole look together I have added a burgundy-purple necklace from a very affordable brand. My tip for today would be to swap cheap buttons for some more upmarket ones. That is one of the easiest ways to make an item of clothing look more expensive. The above culottes came with white buttons which if kept would have cheapened the look.

E’s lookbook ‘New favourite combination’


Jumper: Next

Blouse- vintage

Long shorts: Primark

Boots: Dune

A navy blue bobble cardigan worn with warm brown buttoned-up blouse, navy blue long shorts, brown long boots and a vintage belt.

Altering clothes does pay off.

Altering clothes does pay off. As I have mentioned before the pair of the long shorts used to be just a pair of ill-fitted trousers. But after some crafty alterations, it became shorts that I actually look forward to wearing. They are in my favourite colour- navy blue. Personally I think blondes look better in that colour as supposed to ever-existing black. The cardigan is also navy blue. Navy blue with shades of brown creates a very classical combination that I intend to reuse over and over again. I hope the addition of the vintage belt makes it more ornated.

E’s lookbook ‘More styling of a black jacket’


Jacket: Primark

Blouse: M&S

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

A black, faux leather jacket worn with multi-bronze, brown blouse, metallic, bronze fitted denim and ankle black booties. Styling some old clothes in a different way.

Styling some old clothes in a different way.

An old , black faux leather jacket gets a lot of use in anyone’s wardrobe. Black colour unfortunately isn’t the best for the pictures. Everyone comes out a bit washed out and a few years older. Personaly I would prefer a jacket in different colour but black is always a staple in every shop, every year. Today I wanted to style the bronze trousers that I have had for a while. The colours in the very old M&S blouse pick up the autumnal colour of the trousers. I was trying to make the trousers more current by folding them in a deep culf just above the last season booties. The point I’m trying to make is to give new life to some oldies that you already have.

E’s lookbook ‘Layer cake’


Earrings DIYed

Blouse: TwoFourTwo

Trousers: Primark

Belt unknown

Sandals: Select

When I look at this image I think layer cake. Each colour is separated by the other going from the earrings to the sandals. The earrings are DIYed from a necklace that I did not like. The blouse I have altered to fit me better. And the belt in the trousers I have replaced with a more suitable one. It’s all in the detail.



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