E’s lookbook ‘Flowery bomber jacket’


Jacket: Marella

Vest unknown

Skirt: Next

Sandals Select

Bag: Genuine Leather

A flowery bomber jacket worn with a lacy red vest, black pencil skirt, red shoulder bag and white summer sandals.
A flowery bomber jacket worn with a lacy red vest, black pencil skirt, red shoulder bag and white summer sandals.

A bit of jungle in a bomber jacket

might just be what one needs to have some impact. Combine flowers with stripes and one gets a concoction that rocks my boat. I wasn’t intending to go shy, so red lingerie like top was a must and then obviously a red bag to go with it. The only demure items are the black pencil skirt and white sandals. The jacket was another charity shop find. Whoever priced the items did not know the label as I got it for a fiver. It would have cost over a hundred fifty pounds when brand new. The weather is getting finer and looks like the bare leg season has just begun.

E’s lookbook ‘Old navy classic’


Cardigan: Monsoon

Bomber: Stella

Trousers: H&M

Brogues: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A pale pink, floral bomber jacket worn with a waterfall navy blue cardigan, pink brogues and navy blue jeans and a bag.

The picture does not do it a justice.

The bomber jacket barely visible in this picture has a floral print with a pale gold metallic thread and pale pink background and it’s stunning. Combined with a much plainer cardigan, skinny jeans and pale pink brogues makes the outfit wearable and cool. want more colour keep the cardigan open, want it less wrap the cardigan up. the colour combination is neutral with a bit of a pop of metallic. overall a croud pleaser.

E’s lookbook ‘All pale’


Coat: Primark

Vest: Primark

Bomber: Stella

Skirt: Primark

Brogues: Primark

A white puffer coat worn with a cream vest, metallic, floral pattern bomber jacket, cream, pleated skirt and pale grey brogues.

Wearing more pale colours in the autumn

I’m always taking advantage of the days that it didn’t rain to wear paler colours/white even in the autumn. Lots of shops do lighter colour jackets and coats. Long gone are the times when winter coats came only in dull, dark colours. The hole shift in fashion is enticing and I do get sucked into buying it and then it rains all winter long. I have pulled all things pale, new and old. The oldest is probably the bomber jacket. Pale pink and grey with metallic floral pattern, always a statement. Also like the vertical and horizontal lines of the skirt and the jacket, even though totally unintentional.



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