E’s lookbook ‘All pink for autumn’


Coat: Primark

Cardigan: Primark

Trousers: ASOS

Bag: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A pink coat worn with a short, hooded pink cardigan, very pale pink crossbody bag, darker pink trousers, and pinkish trainers.

Loving all pink.

My love for all things pink is growing strong. I remember times when I thought it was way too girly to wear pink. But that shade of pink suits my complexion exceptionally well and the collection of clothes in this colour in my wardrobe is growing. The newest addition would be the lovely cardigan. It came from Primark. And like all things from Primark, it came with ugly and I mean ugly buttons. I have managed to find fabric covered buttons in a similar pink colour and replaced them immediately. Now the cardigan has got presence, It also has got a hoody and it ends on your waist. Bliss! The trousers are also altered. They were much longer, but the current length suits me much better. Pale pink bag and pinkish trainers and I am done.

E’s lookbook ‘Browns and florals’


Jacket: Primark

Belt unknown

Bag vintage

Dress: Matalan

Boots: Dune

A long brown jacket belted with a brown belt worn over a red and white floral dress with a vintage, tan bag, and tan boots.

Cohesive and autumnal.

I have raved about the dress in another blog. So let me just say that what attracted me to the dress was the pattern but also the colour combination. Off-white background with shades of red and cool brown floral pattern, easy to style either summer or autumn. My autumnal version consists of a cool brown long jacket, to emphasise the silhouette belted, interesting vintage bag and trusted Dune boots. All cohesive and autumnal.

E’s lookbook ‘Jumper dress’


Jacket: H&M

Jumper dress: H&M

Bag: H&M

Boots: dupes for Balenciaga

A beige puffer jacket worn with a dark beige jumper dress, beige ankle boots, and a pale yellow, crossbody bag.

How many jackets are too many?

Addicted to shopping I am for sure, maybe that’s why I couldn’t pass by the dress, the jacket and the bag. But let’s start from the beginning. The bag was on my radar from the summer. It was way too expensive to pay the full price, but I did love its squishiness and the colour, yellow but not in your face. After it went on sale I have snapped it up as the colour is muted enough not to be just a summer bag but it will fit into my winter colour scheme. The dress was full price, but I know how difficult it is to find a jumper dress that ticks all of the boxes at a reasonable price I was looking for one for the last 2 years. And the jacket was totally not needed but wanted, because of its colour and the fact that is cropped. All my winter jackets are longer, which makes perfect sense in colder months, but also gives the same silhouette. We shall see how practical a short jacket will be. On the other hand, winters hardly ever are frosty anymore. Overall I’m very pleased with this modern look.

E’s lookbook ‘Shiny’


Jacket: Papaya

Top: Elizabeth Shelton

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Primark

A white jacket worn with a pale pink sequined top, duo-chrome green/pink metallic trousers, white trainers, and a green cross-body bag.

All must shine. 

I suppose it is not a look for the faint-hearted. Square duo chrome pink/ green sequins worn with metallic duo-chrome pink/ green trousers and if the shine was not enough the jacket has a metallic thread too. The trainers make the look un-glamourized and the crossbody bag gives it a casual look. Still, the colour scheme brings a smile to my face. 

E’s lookbook ‘Neon top’


Top: River Island

Trousers: H&M

Bag: Primark

Wedges: Primark

A neon stripy top worn with metallic bronze, fitted trousers, nude laced up wedges and crossbody, sparkling bag

Who new neon green goes well with metallic bronze?

As with most things in life, some of the outfits happen by chance. As far as I know, neons go well with white, nude, pale grey, now also metallic bronze. I am keeping these trousers because this coming autumn/winter will be all about metallics. I am hoping I will not get bored of the trend because, in my opinion, shiny trousers are a bit of a classic. well fitted pair will serve you well in colder months as well as in cooler summer days. As there is a lot going on I have chosen nude wedges but went all out with the bag. Only really statement bag would do as we are obviously not holding back here.

E’s lookbook ‘Meddow in a top’

A highly flowery pastel blouse worn with paper bag waist trousers, cream bag and brogues and pearly earrings

I have high hopes for this trousers.

They do remind me of my youth and the 80-ties style is very much up my stream. The colour is perfect, pale blue, so all other pastels harmonize with it as shown in this example. The blouse highly elasticated can be worn in many ways, but the most comfortable is just pulled above the shoulders. Let me also draw attention to the bag, highly inspired by Chanel is surprisingly roomy and despite clinking of the chains comfortable to wear. I have finished off with some pearly jewellery for an even more feminine touch to offset the masculine trousers.

E’s lookbook ‘Black and grey’


Earrings: Primark

Coat unknown

Hoody unknown

Trousers: Primark

Bag- vintage

Brogues: Deichmann

A black coat worn with a grey hoody, black trousers, black quilted cross body bag, black brogues and silver earrrings.

This is an example how things not always go to plan.

This was supposed to be Chanel inspired look. The Chanel inspired earrings-check, the coat-check, the bag-check, the casual vibe-check. And still, somehow it is a big flop. The look is wearable, but either the picture is not the best or the rest of the elements bring it down, Will soon attempt something Chanel inspired, hopefully, next time will be more successful.

E’s lookbook ‘Black and flares’


Blazer: H&M


Flares: H&M

Brogues: Deichmann

Bag unknown

Bracelet unknown

A baseball top worn with a black oversized blazer, half flared denim, black brogues and black cross body bag.

How not to be scared of flares.

Flares always make a statement in any outfit. I do need to be in a mood to wear them as they always draw the attention of passers-by. Living in the era of skinny jeans any other cut will be noticed especially the opposite one. But this time I think I have cracked it. I do not look like taken out of the 70-ties. Whether it is the baseball top or the oversized blazer or the hair pulled back. I do like the look.

E’s lookbook ‘White and rose gold enchantment’


Earrings: H&M

Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: New Look

Trainers: Primark

A white puffer coat worn with a white jumper, white earrings, beige trousers, cream trainers and rose-gold bag.

White and rose gold enchantment

this might be, but practical it is not. Winter white is very in vogue. It looks exceptionally fresh and one does stand out in a crowd of sensibly dressed in all black people. But only if you like drama. The drama of avoiding all puddles especially near the roads, all friendly dogs and basically not being able to risk sitting on any surface in case of transferring the dirt onto yourself. Jokes aside I do fancy this look. Casual but different, comfortable but elevated. Colours do all the work, or rather lack of them? And it’s not boring as all garments have different textures.

E’s lookbook ‘Latex leggings’


Jumper: Miss Selfridge

Polo-neck: Primark

Leggings unknown

Boots: Linzi

Bag unknown

Burgundy latex leggings worn with a burgundy polo-neck, beige-greyish, woven jumper, woven crossbody bag and burgundy boots.

Sales allow you to try new things.

Not all trends should be followed, but sometimes sheer luck allows you to dip your toes into unknown territories. During the summer sales purely by chance, I have come across those latex leggings in my size for £3. If they were the full price I probably would have omitted them entirely. I do like the colour and they fit well although they are not very stretchy and when walking they make a specific noise. I have seen lots of latex on runways for winter 20/21 so wearing it during a day is not a new concept. They do make a bit of a statement so I have paired them with something more earthy in form of the woven, geish-beige cardigan and a woven bag. Both of them add different texture so not everything is shiny and reflective. Confession time: the boots are new but from sales too.



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