E’s look book ‘Fancy sleeves blouse ‘


Blouse: Zara

Gilet: Next

Trousers: Zara

Boots: H&M

A black gilet worn with a red, stripy blouse with fancy sleeves, with wide leg , grey trousers and black boots.

Could have done it differently?

I was amazed by this blouse when I first saw it in a charity shop. The sleeves, the wrap up style, the bow. Having look at it now, I know I should have wrap myself more with the loose fabric and create a titter bow. Which I will do next time. Having to show off the sleeves I have chosen a quite old gilet. The trousers although grey, they have a red thread running through which ties them to the blouse. And I do like the mixed patterns: stripes and tartan. Boots just match the gilet.

E’s lookbook ‘Belted blazer’


Blazer: Amaranto

Blouse: J Crew

Belt: Primark

Trousers: Wallis

Boots: H&M


A grey blazer worn with a black double belt, burgundy frilled top, black, wide-leg trousers, black boots, and black shopper.

DIY again

I came across this blazer in a hope of turning it into a modern version of itself. It does have a good cut but it is a size or two too big for me. My way of thinking was to remove the buttons and have it sort of belted style. But that way the pockets looked a bit odd, so they had to go too. Surprisingly I have not cut any holes in the blazer. Belting it with one belt would be obvious so I have opted for 2 belts. The only wide-leg black trousers that I have to require heeled boots and  H&M shiny boots came in handy. And since the boots are shiny so why not the shopper? The blazer has a pinky thread woven in its fabric so the frilly front, J Crew silk blouse became the perfect candidate for the job.

E’s lookbook ‘Grey velour dress’


Top: Monsoon Fusion

Dress: Zara

Sandals: Primark

Bag unknown

A grey, velour dress worn with a three-dimensional, cream top, beige, flat, pointy tip sandals, and metallic bag.

E’s lookbook ‘Lavender top’


Earrings: Primark

Top: Wednesday’s Girl

Denim: M&S

Bracelet unknown

Clutch: Julien McDonald

Brogues: Primark

A short, buttoned up pale lavender top with a small peplum worn with cropped denim trousers, and silver grey accesorries.

That is an outfit that instantaneously made me feel cool

and I am not referring to the colour palette. The top in a very pale lavender colour buttoned up with a small peplum is another charity shop acquisition. The colour and cut are extremely flattering. The same can be said about denim. another random charity shop purchase. Because of the crop, the trousers remain relatively cool even in high temperatures. Some accessories for more interest and brogues for some comfort.

E’s lookbook ‘Black and grey’


Earrings: Primark

Coat unknown

Hoody unknown

Trousers: Primark

Bag- vintage

Brogues: Deichmann

A black coat worn with a grey hoody, black trousers, black quilted cross body bag, black brogues and silver earrrings.

This is an example how things not always go to plan.

This was supposed to be Chanel inspired look. The Chanel inspired earrings-check, the coat-check, the bag-check, the casual vibe-check. And still, somehow it is a big flop. The look is wearable, but either the picture is not the best or the rest of the elements bring it down, Will soon attempt something Chanel inspired, hopefully, next time will be more successful.

E’s lookbook ‘A gift’


Jacket: Yashimei

Jumper unknown

Necklace unknown

Jeans: Wrangler

Trainers: Primark

A fluffy, pale grey, short jacket worn with a pink, striped, cropped jumper, beaded, pink necklace, white jeans and white trainers.

If in doubt wear it anyway.

I was gifted the above trousers. Let’s be honest it’s not the style I do gravitate towards, but there is nothing wrong with experimenting with clothes. I wanted to wear them with a street style top and also something cropped so the top doesn’t blend into the trousers to create one big shapeless blob. And then I remembered a cropped jumper from a charity shop. While purchasing the top the shop assistant suggested I would also buy a pink necklace to go with it. Wanting to please the woman as she obviously was given a task to push more jewellery I have bought the necklace too. Never actually wanting to wear them together. But today I have changed my mind. If you want to wear something whether it goes together or not, just damn wear it. Everyone’s style is different and that’s the beauty of fashion.

E’s lookbook ‘All pale’


Coat: Primark

Vest: Primark

Bomber: Stella

Skirt: Primark

Brogues: Primark

A white puffer coat worn with a cream vest, metallic, floral pattern bomber jacket, cream, pleated skirt and pale grey brogues.

Wearing more pale colours in the autumn

I’m always taking advantage of the days that it didn’t rain to wear paler colours/white even in the autumn. Lots of shops do lighter colour jackets and coats. Long gone are the times when winter coats came only in dull, dark colours. The hole shift in fashion is enticing and I do get sucked into buying it and then it rains all winter long. I have pulled all things pale, new and old. The oldest is probably the bomber jacket. Pale pink and grey with metallic floral pattern, always a statement. Also like the vertical and horizontal lines of the skirt and the jacket, even though totally unintentional.

E’s lookbook ‘Metallic purple and grey’


Jumper: C.M.P.55

Trousers: Primark

Bag: Caini

Boots: Deichmann

A grey sequined jumper worn with grey cargo pants, Metallic purple shoulder bag and metallic purple, embellished boots.

Need to find ways to wear these boots all the time. This time I’m wearing them with a sequined grey jumper and cargo pants. I have also rediscovered a bag that I had to take as an exchange, as a shop I purchased something did not have any refund policy. I was drawn to the bag but I had nothing to pair it with, and suddenly I have realised that the boots and the bag are almost the same colour. Which proofs my point that no matter what I will always pick similar colours as I find them the most esthetically pleasing.

E’s lookbook ‘Grey and white’


Top: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Rowallan

Sandals: Primark

As the parched landscape behind me shows we are going through unbelievably hot weather. Hence the skirt and skimpy top and sandals. Even in the shade is hot. the skirt is an old goodie and the top was purchased last year but the cropped trend is still strong.

E’s lookbook ‘Pale grey and beige’


Earrings: Primark

Top: Primark

Trousers: Stradivarius

Wristlet: Julien McDonald

Brogues: Primark

When you need something fresh but neutral also, this combination seems perfect. I have added some silver because it wouldn’t be otherwise. But it’s always good to have something beige and pale grey in your summer wardrobe. Also, I have never worn these earrings since I have bought them. Every time I have put them on, something was ‘off’ about them, until I have figured out that they were too long for my face, so a bit of scissors action and now they fit just fine.



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