E’s lookbook ‘Browns and florals’


Jacket: Primark

Belt unknown

Bag vintage

Dress: Matalan

Boots: Dune

A long brown jacket belted with a brown belt worn over a red and white floral dress with a vintage, tan bag, and tan boots.

Cohesive and autumnal.

I have raved about the dress in another blog. So let me just say that what attracted me to the dress was the pattern but also the colour combination. Off-white background with shades of red and cool brown floral pattern, easy to style either summer or autumn. My autumnal version consists of a cool brown long jacket, to emphasise the silhouette belted, interesting vintage bag and trusted Dune boots. All cohesive and autumnal.

E’s lookbook ‘Shiny’


Jacket: Papaya

Top: Elizabeth Shelton

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Primark

A white jacket worn with a pale pink sequined top, duo-chrome green/pink metallic trousers, white trainers, and a green cross-body bag.

All must shine. 

I suppose it is not a look for the faint-hearted. Square duo chrome pink/ green sequins worn with metallic duo-chrome pink/ green trousers and if the shine was not enough the jacket has a metallic thread too. The trainers make the look un-glamourized and the crossbody bag gives it a casual look. Still, the colour scheme brings a smile to my face. 

E’s lookbook ‘Double sequins’


Jacket: H&M

Top: Armani Exchange

Trousers unknown

Sandals: M&S

Bag: Rowallan

A navy blue sequined jacket worn with a red sequined top, red cropped trousers, navy blue sandals, and navy blue bag.

Double trouble. 

In this case, more is more. Why stop on one item covered in sequins if you have 2? That was my philosophy behind this look. Wanted to explore just red and navy blue. 2 colours that I have mixed feelings towards since my childhood. My parents had the tendency to favour both colours and my wardrobe at that time was made of the two to the point that in later life I couldn’t stand the combination. Nowadays I do not have such strong feelings and I’m happy to play with the colours again. And as I keep on buying more sequins more opportunities arise to mix more than one item covered in them in one outfit.

E’s lookbook ‘Navy blue sequined jacket’


Jacket: H&M

Top: Primark

Denim: M&S

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A navy blue sequined jacket worn with cream, cropped top, cropped denim trousers, navy blue plimsolls, and navy blue shoulder bag.

Finding the perfect shade of navy blue isn’t easy. So when I saw the sequin cropped jacket for less than £3 in a charity shop it wasn’t a very hard decision to snap it up. The sequin jacket is going to be an everyday item because of its casual cut. It jazzes up an otherwise boring outfit. The blouse is very on-trend being cropped. But because of its reviling cut, a nice decorative bra/ bralette is a must. To finish up the look I wore a favourite pair of denim from M&S, obviously cropped, it’s still summer after all. And plimsolls which I hardly ever wear but they seemed made for this outfit.

E’s lookbook ‘A gift’


Jacket: Yashimei

Jumper unknown

Necklace unknown

Jeans: Wrangler

Trainers: Primark

A fluffy, pale grey, short jacket worn with a pink, striped, cropped jumper, beaded, pink necklace, white jeans and white trainers.

If in doubt wear it anyway.

I was gifted the above trousers. Let’s be honest it’s not the style I do gravitate towards, but there is nothing wrong with experimenting with clothes. I wanted to wear them with a street style top and also something cropped so the top doesn’t blend into the trousers to create one big shapeless blob. And then I remembered a cropped jumper from a charity shop. While purchasing the top the shop assistant suggested I would also buy a pink necklace to go with it. Wanting to please the woman as she obviously was given a task to push more jewellery I have bought the necklace too. Never actually wanting to wear them together. But today I have changed my mind. If you want to wear something whether it goes together or not, just damn wear it. Everyone’s style is different and that’s the beauty of fashion.

E’s lookbook ‘Monochromatic for the rain’


Jacket: Primark

Skirt: Primark

Boots: Aldo

A white, pleated faux leather skirt worn with a short, black faux leather jacket and black over the knee, faux leather boots.

Wearing a white skirt on a rainy day is asking for trouble unless it is a faux leather pleated skirt, that any dirty water can be just wiped off it. I have paired it obviously with another faux leather garment- short, black jacket and of course faux leather black boots. A monochromatic look for a rainy day.

E’s lookbook ‘Rosegold sequins’


Jacket handmade

Cardigan: Qued

Vest unknown

Trousers: Stradivarius

Flats: Primark

Bak: Kaemingk

Well, when you just can’t wait until next summer. I have just got this rose gold sequined top for absolute pennies and decided that today I’m going to wear it no matter what. To start with the weather is rather cold, so I need to layer. Typically I seem to have a polo neck in most colours , but not in beige. On the other hand, I do have a cardigan in such colour so it had to do. If it is a bit odd to wear a vest over a cardigan, let me tell you it’s only clothes that you take off at the end of the day. To make everything colour coordinated I went with beige trousers and a pale pink tailored jacket, pink shoes and a beige bag. And it didn’t rain today.

E’s lookbook ‘Black jacket’


Jacket unknown

Dress: Forever 21

Leggins unknown

Boots: Primark

Bag vintage

Well, just like everybody else I’m stuck inside. Not much of a birthday either. But if I was going out I might have possibly had worn this outfit. The jacket is from a charity shop a ‘no-name’ it looks tailor-made and a very good quality bought from sale for very little money. The dress is from a charity shop too. The bag is vintage.

E’s lookbook ‘Brown overload’


Jacket: Morgan

Polo neck unknown

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

Bag- vintage

It’s autumn and the suede jacket is out of the wardrobe again. This time in almost all brown outfit. I have mixed different finishes for a more diverse look, all matt could have been too boring.

E’s lookbook ‘Peachy skirt’


Earrings: Primark

Jacket: Primark

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Primark

Boots: Primark


Just wanted to wear the skirt today. Summer or autumn, if you want to wear something just do it. All black with one feminine accent- peachy skirt.



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