E’s lookbook ‘Red, grey and black’


Coat: Primark

Polo-neck: Primark

Dress: Store twenty one

Belt unknown

Leggings unknown

Boots: Primark

I think when trying to wear a mini dress with leggings but not to look too old fashioned is to wear it with shiny leggings. this pair I got of e-bay and it cost me around £5. Together with leather booties, it has a very modern, tough look. The belt is from patent leather and the coat is a wrap-up type.

E’s lookbook ‘English bulldog shirt’


Shirt: The Spitalfields Shirt Co.

Tie: M&S

Leggins: Uniqlo

Flats: Primark

Bag: Bodenschatz

I know that the short is missing its collar, but I have to say I always cut or chop or adjust clothes to fit me, and as I have a short neck I tend to remove collars so the shirts look better on me. The shirt has fun gingham cuffs and collar, so I have matched a checked, blue, white and black tie for some extra fun. It would be great if I could find a tie with bulldogs on it.



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