E’s lookbook ‘Old navy classic’


Cardigan: Monsoon

Bomber: Stella

Trousers: H&M

Brogues: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A pale pink, floral bomber jacket worn with a waterfall navy blue cardigan, pink brogues and navy blue jeans and a bag.

The picture does not do it a justice.

The bomber jacket barely visible in this picture has a floral print with a pale gold metallic thread and pale pink background and it’s stunning. Combined with a much plainer cardigan, skinny jeans and pale pink brogues makes the outfit wearable and cool. want more colour keep the cardigan open, want it less wrap the cardigan up. the colour combination is neutral with a bit of a pop of metallic. overall a croud pleaser.

E’s lookbook ‘More styling of a black jacket’


Jacket: Primark

Blouse: M&S

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

A black, faux leather jacket worn with multi-bronze, brown blouse, metallic, bronze fitted denim and ankle black booties. Styling some old clothes in a different way.

Styling some old clothes in a different way.

An old , black faux leather jacket gets a lot of use in anyone’s wardrobe. Black colour unfortunately isn’t the best for the pictures. Everyone comes out a bit washed out and a few years older. Personaly I would prefer a jacket in different colour but black is always a staple in every shop, every year. Today I wanted to style the bronze trousers that I have had for a while. The colours in the very old M&S blouse pick up the autumnal colour of the trousers. I was trying to make the trousers more current by folding them in a deep culf just above the last season booties. The point I’m trying to make is to give new life to some oldies that you already have.

E’s lookbook ‘Metallic purple and grey’


Jumper: C.M.P.55

Trousers: Primark

Bag: Caini

Boots: Deichmann

A grey sequined jumper worn with grey cargo pants, Metallic purple shoulder bag and metallic purple, embellished boots.

Need to find ways to wear these boots all the time. This time I’m wearing them with a sequined grey jumper and cargo pants. I have also rediscovered a bag that I had to take as an exchange, as a shop I purchased something did not have any refund policy. I was drawn to the bag but I had nothing to pair it with, and suddenly I have realised that the boots and the bag are almost the same colour. Which proofs my point that no matter what I will always pick similar colours as I find them the most esthetically pleasing.

E’s lookbook ‘Metallic purple’


Jacket: Ben Shermann

Blouse: H&M

Skirt: ASOS

Boots: Deichmann


Dear God, how long did I toy with buying these boots? Must be over a year now. I just couldn’t justify the purchase. They are obviously not very neutral in neither the colour nor in the embellishment, but I still wanted them. Now that I have them I will better make the most of them. The first outfit is going to be rather obvious, gather everything in a similar colour and put it together, which I think I have succeeded in. Also leather and metallics seem to go together well.

E’s lookbook ‘Green metallic vest’


Vest: Primark

Culottes: Primark

Flats: Primark

Vests are back in. The one I’m wearing has a ‘bonus feature’ which can double up as a ‘necklace. The flats have bows on them, so I may not be wearing any accessories, but there is a lot going on if you take into account that the vest has a metallic thread.

E’s lookbook ‘An old open kaftan’


Kaftan: Monsoon

Top: Primark

Trousers: Matalan

Bag: Kaemingk

Trainers: Deichmann

As a person that doesn’t throw away good clothes, I have a lot of them in my closet. This open caftan deserves more attention that is getting. It consists of many colours and should be easy to style. This time I have paired it with pink trousers, nude, cropped top, nude bag and metallic trainers for an easy, comfortable look.

E’s lookbook ‘Pale metallic green’


Earrings: Primark

Jumper: Primark

Trousers: H&M

Bag: New Look

Trainers: Primark

As you can see, I’m still not over metallics. In the middle of winter, I have found these trousers in a charity shop and thought of a sunny, spring day when I’m going to wear them. The most comfortable trousers they are not, but I love the two-tone metallic finish. I have paired them with a jumper I have bought last year and some pink statement earrings and pink trainers. The bag is rose-gold so in other words kind of pink too.

E’s lookbook ‘Brown overload’


Jacket: Morgan

Polo neck unknown

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

Bag- vintage

It’s autumn and the suede jacket is out of the wardrobe again. This time in almost all brown outfit. I have mixed different finishes for a more diverse look, all matt could have been too boring.

E’s lookbook ‘Bronze and rose gold’


Earrings unknown

Top: Biba

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

E’s lookbook ‘Half faux fur winter jacket’


Jacket: Toxik3

Scarf unknown

Gloves unknown

Trousers: Zara

Boots: Primark

Bag: Bodenschatz

A black, boucle with faux fur, double breasted winter jacket worn with a metallic, rose gold scarf, faux leather trousers, grey boots and an orange bag.A black, boucle with faux fur, double breasted winter jacket worn with a metallic, rose gold scarf, faux leather trousers, grey boots and an orange bag.

Very happy with this jacket, it contains wool and is very warm, double breasted with the bottom half being faux fur. I have paired it with a metallic rose gold scarf and my trusted faux leather trousers.



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