E’s lookbook ‘All pink for autumn’


Coat: Primark

Cardigan: Primark

Trousers: ASOS

Bag: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A pink coat worn with a short, hooded pink cardigan, very pale pink crossbody bag, darker pink trousers, and pinkish trainers.

Loving all pink.

My love for all things pink is growing strong. I remember times when I thought it was way too girly to wear pink. But that shade of pink suits my complexion exceptionally well and the collection of clothes in this colour in my wardrobe is growing. The newest addition would be the lovely cardigan. It came from Primark. And like all things from Primark, it came with ugly and I mean ugly buttons. I have managed to find fabric covered buttons in a similar pink colour and replaced them immediately. Now the cardigan has got presence, It also has got a hoody and it ends on your waist. Bliss! The trousers are also altered. They were much longer, but the current length suits me much better. Pale pink bag and pinkish trainers and I am done.

E’s lookbook ‘Dungarees’


Waistcoat: H&M

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A floral black, pink and green blouse worn with black, skinny dungarees, black waistcoat, and white trainers.

E’s lookbook ‘Shiny’


Jacket: Papaya

Top: Elizabeth Shelton

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Primark

A white jacket worn with a pale pink sequined top, duo-chrome green/pink metallic trousers, white trainers, and a green cross-body bag.

All must shine. 

I suppose it is not a look for the faint-hearted. Square duo chrome pink/ green sequins worn with metallic duo-chrome pink/ green trousers and if the shine was not enough the jacket has a metallic thread too. The trainers make the look un-glamourized and the crossbody bag gives it a casual look. Still, the colour scheme brings a smile to my face. 

E’s lookbook ‘All pink now’


Top: Elizabeth Shelton

Trousers: Primark

Sandals: Primark

A sleeveless, pale pink sequined top worn with Schiaparelli pink, wide-leg trousers, and beige wedge sandals.

E’s lookbook ‘Meddow in a top’

A highly flowery pastel blouse worn with paper bag waist trousers, cream bag and brogues and pearly earrings

I have high hopes for this trousers.

They do remind me of my youth and the 80-ties style is very much up my stream. The colour is perfect, pale blue, so all other pastels harmonize with it as shown in this example. The blouse highly elasticated can be worn in many ways, but the most comfortable is just pulled above the shoulders. Let me also draw attention to the bag, highly inspired by Chanel is surprisingly roomy and despite clinking of the chains comfortable to wear. I have finished off with some pearly jewellery for an even more feminine touch to offset the masculine trousers.

E’s lookbook ‘Old navy classic’


Cardigan: Monsoon

Bomber: Stella

Trousers: H&M

Brogues: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

A pale pink, floral bomber jacket worn with a waterfall navy blue cardigan, pink brogues and navy blue jeans and a bag.

The picture does not do it a justice.

The bomber jacket barely visible in this picture has a floral print with a pale gold metallic thread and pale pink background and it’s stunning. Combined with a much plainer cardigan, skinny jeans and pale pink brogues makes the outfit wearable and cool. want more colour keep the cardigan open, want it less wrap the cardigan up. the colour combination is neutral with a bit of a pop of metallic. overall a croud pleaser.

E’s lookbook ‘Spring pastels’


Coat unknown

Hoody: Select

Vest: H&M

Denim: Primark

Trainers: Primark

Bag unknown

Paper bag waist trousers worn with cropped white hoody, pale pink, long coat, cream bag and cream trainers

Spring pastels

is what I need right now. It’s getting warmer but the mornings are still chilly and they require a light jacket. I had this light jacket for a while but found it a bit too intimidating until I have figured it how to dress it down. I was eyeing this paper bag waist jeans in December last year, but then we went to a lockdown and I thought it was all over. When I saw them again this spring I had to have them. Love the colour, love the cut, intend to wear them a lot. Another impromptu purchase was this very cropped hoody. It makes sense to have something ending on your waist while all my recent buys are all high waisted style.

E’s lookbook ‘Spring metallic colours’


Coat: Primark

Shirt: New Look

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A pale pink single-breasted coat worn with a metallic duo-chrome pink and green trousers, white shirt and white trainers.

Spring metallic colours

is what I am ready for. All last summer I was obsessed with combining pink and green in one outfit and the fascination persist. All the items aren’t new but I am trying to find new ways of wearing them differently. The trousers have a metallic finish that is duo-chrome pink and green and they match the coat perfectly. White is the best to combine with any pastels hence the white, broderie angles, button up shirt, and white trainers for comfort. I have done some DIY on the coat though. It came with hideous brown buttons which speedily got changed to white buttons with a silver rim making the coat look expensive.

E’s lookbook ‘Schiaparelli pink mini skirt’


Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Boots: Aldo

Scarf homemade

Bag vintage

A white, puffer coat worn with black jumper, pink mini skirt, black over the knee boots, black bag and a stripy scarf.

Schiaparelli pink mini skirt.

How very 80-ties. The whole look is inspired by fashion from the past. I am pushing it a bit wearing a mini skirt in my late forties but I couldn’t resist. I got the skirt from a charity shop, like most of my clothes, in summer attracted by the colour. Schiaparelli pink is definitely in this season and I am taking advantage of the bold colour. As a rule, I do try to avoid putting strong colours with black, but in this case, I have broken the rules. I either wear it this way or not at all. I am limited to one pair of over the knee boots and they happen to be black. But I was trying to make the outfit lighter by exposing more skin and introducing white. Still, it is a pink skirt worn with black and white rather than monochromatic look with a splash of colour.

E’s lookbook ‘A lazy look’


Coat: Primark

Scarf: Primark

Trousers: Primark

Trainers: Deichmann

An oatmeal colour winter coat worn with an oatmeal, pink and blue scarf, pink trousers and rose gold trainers.

A lazy look.

Post Christmas dressing down. On the days when I can not be bothered to think to much about what to wear but still try to make it different to what I have worn already.

Usually, garments that do not require ironing are favourable, like above trousers. Made of fabrick simmilar to neoprim, somehow the trousers are ill fitted and every time I wear them I am not happy with the look. That may be they last appearence, unless I manage to alter them.

The scarf happen to have colours of the coat and the trousers in it so became part of the outfit. And the trainers became the last resort as I do not have boots in a light, cool colour.



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