E’s lookbook ‘Long cardigan’


Earrings: Primark

Long cardigan: Nutmeg

Cardigan: Primark

Trousers: Stradivarius

Boots: Weide

Bag: H&M

A long, beige cardigan worn with a sage green short cardigan, beige trousers, green boots, and pale yellow clutch bag.

Long cardigan with lazer cut boot.

Love the green boots, but they do not photograph well. The whole outfit is surprisingly well colour coordinated and jet the picture does not show it well. All items have golden hardware. The earrings match the boots, the boots match the short cardigan. The trousers match the long cardigan which grounds it all. And the bag fits the overall colour scheme. Will have to try harder next time.

E’s lookbook ‘Sage shorts and pink’


Earrings: Primark

Top: Primark

Shorts: Primark

Sandals: Primark

Bracelets: Primark

Ok, it’s all Primark look. I do find interesting pieces in this store. Most of their clothes are not so great, but some of which I have bought lasted me for years. This outfit is a bit DIYed. I was on a lookout for some decent length shorts for a while with no results. So, I have bought culottes in a summery, light material and light colour well knowing that I am not going to wear them that way, but going to shorten them to get the desired shorts. Also, the earrings started of completely gold, but I have painted them with a couple of coats of nail vanish in sagey colour. Sage goes well with pink, especially pale, also as the shorts are quite high-wasted, I have opted for the cropped version of a top, and it still hardly shows any stomach. Pink and sage accessories and the outfit is done.



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