E’s look book ‘Fancy sleeves blouse ‘


Blouse: Zara

Gilet: Next

Trousers: Zara

Boots: H&M

A black gilet worn with a red, stripy blouse with fancy sleeves, with wide leg , grey trousers and black boots.

Could have done it differently?

I was amazed by this blouse when I first saw it in a charity shop. The sleeves, the wrap up style, the bow. Having look at it now, I know I should have wrap myself more with the loose fabric and create a titter bow. Which I will do next time. Having to show off the sleeves I have chosen a quite old gilet. The trousers although grey, they have a red thread running through which ties them to the blouse. And I do like the mixed patterns: stripes and tartan. Boots just match the gilet.

E’s lookbook ‘ Multicoloured stripy top’


Top unknown

Trousers: Primark

Boots: Dupes for Balenciaga

Bag: Kaemingk

A multi-coloured stripy top with a collar worn with wide-leg denim trousers, beige ankle boots and a neutral colour shoulder bag.

It’s the look not the price.

It took me a year to alter this little blouse. I got it in last year’s sale because of its pattern which I find looking rather a high end. The blouse cost me £3 and I was prepared to put in some work to fit me better. But as the year progressed there was always something more urgent to do and finally as the summer was coming to the end I have managed to do the alterations and have in my wardrobe a fab new blouse. Love the muted colors in those stripes but especially the muted blue that is a perfect match to a pair of wide-leg jeans that I have acquired in spring. For my footwear, I have a pair of Balenciaga lookalikes which were a lovely present. With an organic color shopper, the look is complete.

E’s lookbook ‘A gift’


Jacket: Yashimei

Jumper unknown

Necklace unknown

Jeans: Wrangler

Trainers: Primark

A fluffy, pale grey, short jacket worn with a pink, striped, cropped jumper, beaded, pink necklace, white jeans and white trainers.

If in doubt wear it anyway.

I was gifted the above trousers. Let’s be honest it’s not the style I do gravitate towards, but there is nothing wrong with experimenting with clothes. I wanted to wear them with a street style top and also something cropped so the top doesn’t blend into the trousers to create one big shapeless blob. And then I remembered a cropped jumper from a charity shop. While purchasing the top the shop assistant suggested I would also buy a pink necklace to go with it. Wanting to please the woman as she obviously was given a task to push more jewellery I have bought the necklace too. Never actually wanting to wear them together. But today I have changed my mind. If you want to wear something whether it goes together or not, just damn wear it. Everyone’s style is different and that’s the beauty of fashion.

E’s lookbook ‘Autumnal’


Coat: Primark

Scarf homemade

Jumper unknown

Trousers: Zara

Brogues: Primark

This time of the year again. Getting colder, but still too warm to jump to winter coats. A coat, just a cover-up, a bit smarter than a cardigan, but doing its job is the best answer. This one imitates suede but is much softer. A cream jumper as a homage to the gone summer. Army green trousers and brogues, navy blue bag and a stripy, homemade scarf that brings all of the colours together.

E’s lookbook ‘Nautical preppy’


Earrings: Primark

Vest: H&M

Cardigan: Primark

Skirt: M&S

Sandals: Select

Bag: Rowallan

I am very pleased with this look. I have bought this cardigan at the beginning of the year because it looked very preppy to me. I prefer navy blue to black and I have a lot of things in this colour. As I was rummaging through my things I have come across the skirt that I got in a charity shop a long time ago and it all clicked, the colours are spot on. I have chosen green, stripy vest to make it more modern and give it some interest and also because I’m obsessed with green at the moment. The pale gold earrings match the hardware in the cardigan.

E’s lookbook ‘Stripy jumpsuit’


Jumpsuit: Primark

Belt: Primark

Bracelet unknown

Sports bra: Primark

Sandals: Primark

A prime example of an outfit that just will not photograph well. Unfortunately, it looks a bit like stripy pyjamas but in fact is very comfortable even though out of my comfort zone. The jumpsuit does the whole talking so I have paired it with a plain sports bra and very minimalistic sandals in the colour of one of the stripes. The skinny, red belt also mimics one of the stripes so it ties it all together with the red bracelet. Its basically all stripes, vertical, horizontal, across, fat and skinny.

E’s lookbook’ Stripes’


Vest: H&M

Necklace unknown

Trousers: Primark

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Primark

It is fun to keep finding new ways to wear the same clothes. This time the culottes worn with a stripy multicoloured, very old vest, but this time with a jade, statement necklace to jazz it up. As there is a blue in the vest I have added a blue bag. And as always the white trainers.

E’s lookbook ‘Jewel-coloured striped jumpsuit’


Earrings: Primark

Polo-neck unknown

Jumpsuit: New Look

Belt unknown

Boots: Primark

Fashion should be fun. And the colour is not reserved only for summer. When I saw this jumpsuit in a charity shop it screamed to me: summer, but to make the most of your wardrobe it’s good to try to make summer clothes work in different seasons to. This is my attempt to make it work in early spring. The jewel colours are perfect for this time of year. And since I already have plenty of colour why not to throw a bit of sparkle too, for good measures, it’s good not to play it safe sometimes, after all, it’s only clothes.

E’s lookbook ‘Stripy trousers’


Jacket: Primark

Top: Monsoon Fusion

Trousers: Primark

Shoes: Deichmann

E’s lookbook ‘Stripes’


T-shirt: Betty Jackson

Trousers: H&M

Trainers: Vans

Bag unknown



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