E’s lookbook ‘Schiaparelli pink mini skirt’


Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Boots: Aldo

Scarf homemade

Bag vintage

A white, puffer coat worn with black jumper, pink mini skirt, black over the knee boots, black bag and a stripy scarf.

Schiaparelli pink mini skirt.

How very 80-ties. The whole look is inspired by fashion from the past. I am pushing it a bit wearing a mini skirt in my late forties but I couldn’t resist. I got the skirt from a charity shop, like most of my clothes, in summer attracted by the colour. Schiaparelli pink is definitely in this season and I am taking advantage of the bold colour. As a rule, I do try to avoid putting strong colours with black, but in this case, I have broken the rules. I either wear it this way or not at all. I am limited to one pair of over the knee boots and they happen to be black. But I was trying to make the outfit lighter by exposing more skin and introducing white. Still, it is a pink skirt worn with black and white rather than monochromatic look with a splash of colour.

E’s lookbook ‘Never fail colour combination’


Mask: Poundland

Coat: Primark

Snoot: H&M

Trousers: American Eagle

Gloves: H&M

Boots: Primark

An oatmeal hooded coat worn with a navy blue snoot and jeans, red face mask and gloves and neutral ankle boots.

Never fail colour combination.

Navy blue, form of white ( in this case-oatmeal ) and some type of cool red. This colours always look good in pictures. I am trying to wear this jacket in different colour combinations and unfortunately all the soft colours although look good in real life, look wishy-washy in pictures. On the other hand red and navy blue always create a strong and clear picture. The base are typical neutrals with a pop of strong colour in this case cool red, orange red wouldn’t work here in my opinion. The mask is to represent the times we live in, an unfortunate necessity.

E’s lookbook ‘On a roll’


Earrings: Primark

Coat: Primark

T-shirt: Select

Dress: Patauchka

Boots: Dune

A brown faux suede coat worn with a mustard colour T-shirt, brown dress with pom-poms, brown boots and pom-pom, yellow earrings.

More styling of brown coat.

Cost per wear is getting already smaller on the brown coat. A useful item to have to wear with the 70-ties revival in fashion. Neutral colour that has got endless possibilities when it comes to styling it. This time I have used a summer dress with this fabulous pom-pom fringing that moves with every step. By using a mustard colour T-shirt I have transformed it into a skirt. Colour matching boots for that autumnal feel and pom-pom, yellow earrings to add movement on the top half of the outfit.

E’s lookbook ‘More latex and velour’


Cardigan: River Island

Dress: Stradivarius

Leggings: Edge Street

Bag unknown

Boots: Linzi

A long, burgundy cardigan worn with dusky pink, velour dress, burgundy, latex leggings, burgundy. boots and a neutral colour clutch bag.

More ideas for latex leggings.

It is difficult to not to wear thick tights in autumn/ winter when temperatures start getting uncomfortable. The only problem is that tights look a bit aged. I think I have found a solution to this problem- latex leggings. Not only do they do the same job of protecting our skin, but also look modern and being very slippery they do eliminate wardrobe malfunctions. Again just like in the other outfit I have opted for mixing textures. Shiny latex, less shiny velour dress and matt knit in the cardigan. Colour palette is also rather monochromatic- shades of burgundy and dusky pink.

E’s lookbook ‘Latex leggings’


Jumper: Miss Selfridge

Polo-neck: Primark

Leggings unknown

Boots: Linzi

Bag unknown

Burgundy latex leggings worn with a burgundy polo-neck, beige-greyish, woven jumper, woven crossbody bag and burgundy boots.

Sales allow you to try new things.

Not all trends should be followed, but sometimes sheer luck allows you to dip your toes into unknown territories. During the summer sales purely by chance, I have come across those latex leggings in my size for £3. If they were the full price I probably would have omitted them entirely. I do like the colour and they fit well although they are not very stretchy and when walking they make a specific noise. I have seen lots of latex on runways for winter 20/21 so wearing it during a day is not a new concept. They do make a bit of a statement so I have paired them with something more earthy in form of the woven, geish-beige cardigan and a woven bag. Both of them add different texture so not everything is shiny and reflective. Confession time: the boots are new but from sales too.

E’s lookbook ‘New favourite combination’


Jumper: Next

Blouse- vintage

Long shorts: Primark

Boots: Dune

A navy blue bobble cardigan worn with warm brown buttoned-up blouse, navy blue long shorts, brown long boots and a vintage belt.

Altering clothes does pay off.

Altering clothes does pay off. As I have mentioned before the pair of the long shorts used to be just a pair of ill-fitted trousers. But after some crafty alterations, it became shorts that I actually look forward to wearing. They are in my favourite colour- navy blue. Personally I think blondes look better in that colour as supposed to ever-existing black. The cardigan is also navy blue. Navy blue with shades of brown creates a very classical combination that I intend to reuse over and over again. I hope the addition of the vintage belt makes it more ornated.

E’s lookbook ‘More styling of a black jacket’


Jacket: Primark

Blouse: M&S

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Primark

A black, faux leather jacket worn with multi-bronze, brown blouse, metallic, bronze fitted denim and ankle black booties. Styling some old clothes in a different way.

Styling some old clothes in a different way.

An old , black faux leather jacket gets a lot of use in anyone’s wardrobe. Black colour unfortunately isn’t the best for the pictures. Everyone comes out a bit washed out and a few years older. Personaly I would prefer a jacket in different colour but black is always a staple in every shop, every year. Today I wanted to style the bronze trousers that I have had for a while. The colours in the very old M&S blouse pick up the autumnal colour of the trousers. I was trying to make the trousers more current by folding them in a deep culf just above the last season booties. The point I’m trying to make is to give new life to some oldies that you already have.

E’s lookbook ‘Chartruce’


Coat: Primark

Polo neck: Stamina

Dress: Asos

Trousers: Zara

Boots: Primark

Bag – vintage

Chartreuse, summer dress worn with an army green polo neck, army green trousers, brown long coat and brown, vintage bag.Outfit ideas for real people, styling on a budget

Still wearing summer pieces.

There we go again, stuck at home.No going out, but if I could that is exactly what I would be wearing. I’m obsessed with this chartreuse, silky dress. I’m still trying to wear summer pieces because soon all I will want to wear will be warm, chunky sweaters, scarfs and not much variety. Also making the most of the brown coat, that as predicted goes with most outfits. To make the dress more season-appropriate I’m wearing a warmer polo neck underneath it and also trousers. So the dress ends up being more of a tunic. The trick of layering. I was going to also add a belt but it looked a bit too much. Vintage bag to finish it off.

E’s lookbook ‘Monochromatic for the rain’


Jacket: Primark

Skirt: Primark

Boots: Aldo

A white, pleated faux leather skirt worn with a short, black faux leather jacket and black over the knee, faux leather boots.

Wearing a white skirt on a rainy day is asking for trouble unless it is a faux leather pleated skirt, that any dirty water can be just wiped off it. I have paired it obviously with another faux leather garment- short, black jacket and of course faux leather black boots. A monochromatic look for a rainy day.

E’s lookbook ‘Camouflage trousers’


Earrings: Primark

Waistcoat: H&M

Cardigan: Primark

Trousers unknown

Boots: Primark

So who would believe, but charity shops have sales too. Let’s be honest, how much use will I get out of cropped, camouflage trousers? Not that much, but for a £1 I will take the chance. On the other hand, the waistcoat should become staple in my wardrobe and for only £3 that is a bargain. I have done everything in army green and black colours.



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