E’s lookbook ‘All pink for autumn’


Coat: Primark

Cardigan: Primark

Trousers: ASOS

Bag: H&M

Trainers: Primark

A pink coat worn with a short, hooded pink cardigan, very pale pink crossbody bag, darker pink trousers, and pinkish trainers.

Loving all pink.

My love for all things pink is growing strong. I remember times when I thought it was way too girly to wear pink. But that shade of pink suits my complexion exceptionally well and the collection of clothes in this colour in my wardrobe is growing. The newest addition would be the lovely cardigan. It came from Primark. And like all things from Primark, it came with ugly and I mean ugly buttons. I have managed to find fabric covered buttons in a similar pink colour and replaced them immediately. Now the cardigan has got presence, It also has got a hoody and it ends on your waist. Bliss! The trousers are also altered. They were much longer, but the current length suits me much better. Pale pink bag and pinkish trainers and I am done.

E’s lookbook ‘White and rose gold enchantment’


Earrings: H&M

Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: New Look

Trainers: Primark

A white puffer coat worn with a white jumper, white earrings, beige trousers, cream trainers and rose-gold bag.

White and rose gold enchantment

this might be, but practical it is not. Winter white is very in vogue. It looks exceptionally fresh and one does stand out in a crowd of sensibly dressed in all black people. But only if you like drama. The drama of avoiding all puddles especially near the roads, all friendly dogs and basically not being able to risk sitting on any surface in case of transferring the dirt onto yourself. Jokes aside I do fancy this look. Casual but different, comfortable but elevated. Colours do all the work, or rather lack of them? And it’s not boring as all garments have different textures.

E’s lookbook ‘Schiaparelli pink mini skirt’


Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Boots: Aldo

Scarf homemade

Bag vintage

A white, puffer coat worn with black jumper, pink mini skirt, black over the knee boots, black bag and a stripy scarf.

Schiaparelli pink mini skirt.

How very 80-ties. The whole look is inspired by fashion from the past. I am pushing it a bit wearing a mini skirt in my late forties but I couldn’t resist. I got the skirt from a charity shop, like most of my clothes, in summer attracted by the colour. Schiaparelli pink is definitely in this season and I am taking advantage of the bold colour. As a rule, I do try to avoid putting strong colours with black, but in this case, I have broken the rules. I either wear it this way or not at all. I am limited to one pair of over the knee boots and they happen to be black. But I was trying to make the outfit lighter by exposing more skin and introducing white. Still, it is a pink skirt worn with black and white rather than monochromatic look with a splash of colour.

E’s lookbook ‘Never fail colour combination’


Mask: Poundland

Coat: Primark

Snoot: H&M

Trousers: American Eagle

Gloves: H&M

Boots: Primark

An oatmeal hooded coat worn with a navy blue snoot and jeans, red face mask and gloves and neutral ankle boots.

Never fail colour combination.

Navy blue, form of white ( in this case-oatmeal ) and some type of cool red. This colours always look good in pictures. I am trying to wear this jacket in different colour combinations and unfortunately all the soft colours although look good in real life, look wishy-washy in pictures. On the other hand red and navy blue always create a strong and clear picture. The base are typical neutrals with a pop of strong colour in this case cool red, orange red wouldn’t work here in my opinion. The mask is to represent the times we live in, an unfortunate necessity.

E’s lookbook ‘A lazy look’


Coat: Primark

Scarf: Primark

Trousers: Primark

Trainers: Deichmann

An oatmeal colour winter coat worn with an oatmeal, pink and blue scarf, pink trousers and rose gold trainers.

A lazy look.

Post Christmas dressing down. On the days when I can not be bothered to think to much about what to wear but still try to make it different to what I have worn already.

Usually, garments that do not require ironing are favourable, like above trousers. Made of fabrick simmilar to neoprim, somehow the trousers are ill fitted and every time I wear them I am not happy with the look. That may be they last appearence, unless I manage to alter them.

The scarf happen to have colours of the coat and the trousers in it so became part of the outfit. And the trainers became the last resort as I do not have boots in a light, cool colour.

E’s lookbook ‘Olive mix’


Coat: Primark

Scarf vintage

Bag unknown

Trousers unknown

Boots: Primark

An army green, teddy coat worn with a golden colour scarf, silky, golden, wide-leg trousers and army green bag and boots.

The colours remind me of the olive mix.

The scarf I am wearing I had since I was 18 years old. Truly vintage now. I used to wear it with another army green winter coat that I have since got rid off. As army green and gold go well together I have used my silky, wide-leg trousers to add richness and different texture. If we were allowed to go anywhere on a Boxing Day that would have been my outfit. comfortable but elevated.

The bag is a new addition, no name, probably a knock off of some designer. I have been considering buying it since the last lockdown. I have seen it in burgundy, electric blue and army green and couldn’t make up my mind which colour to choose, In the end when I got this coat the army green won. Even though the colour is similar to the coat the bag still stands out due to its texture.

E’s lookbook ‘Festive colours’


Coat: Primark

Scarf unknown

Bag: Borse in Pelle

Trousers: Zara

Booots: Primark

An army green teddy coat worn with army green trousers and boots and a bright red scarf and red shoulder bag.

Festive colours arent my kind of thing.

But somehow this colour combination works for me. I have eyed this coat for a hot minute. I obviously do not need any more coat, but as it comes to teddy coats this one is rather nice. The colour is good, dark but not black which will make it more versitile and better at combining it with other jewel toned colours.. It is incredibly soft and silky to the point that all bags slide off from my shoulder, which is enjoying. The coat is bulky but also it is rather warm. Somehow reminds me of coats in tudor times and this analogue should be applied rather loosly.

The scarf also is not for the faint-hearted. Kind of long-haired texture in an intensely red colour. Paired with a similar colour bag and the rest all in army green.

E’s lookbook ‘All pale’


Coat: Primark

Vest: Primark

Bomber: Stella

Skirt: Primark

Brogues: Primark

A white puffer coat worn with a cream vest, metallic, floral pattern bomber jacket, cream, pleated skirt and pale grey brogues.

Wearing more pale colours in the autumn

I’m always taking advantage of the days that it didn’t rain to wear paler colours/white even in the autumn. Lots of shops do lighter colour jackets and coats. Long gone are the times when winter coats came only in dull, dark colours. The hole shift in fashion is enticing and I do get sucked into buying it and then it rains all winter long. I have pulled all things pale, new and old. The oldest is probably the bomber jacket. Pale pink and grey with metallic floral pattern, always a statement. Also like the vertical and horizontal lines of the skirt and the jacket, even though totally unintentional.

E’s lookbook ‘Navy blue and white’


Coat: Primark

Polo-neck: Primark

Cardigan: Next

Jeans: Dele

Trainers: Primark

Bag: Rowallan

Not raining for once so let’s make the most of it and wear the white coat I got last year. I have also got this navy blue cardigan from a charity shop. I love the texture on it, it looks like fish scales. The state of the cardigan was quite appalling, but from experience, I knew that if I trim all of the ‘scales’ slightly, which took about a day while watching some TV, the cardigan will look brand new. I wanted it to be all navy blue and white and comfortable and warm, hence the perennial polo-neck, denim and trainers.

E’s lookbook ‘ Old woolen coat’


Coat unknown

Polo-neck unknown

Top: Zara

Trousers: Monsoon

Brogues: Deichmann

So I have dug up that old relic coat of mine that is very warm (wool+cashmere) slightly old fashioned cut but it’s way too good to get rid off and tried to keep everything in the same tone. The top is from Zara and looks very, Chanel-like plus grey trousers plus brogues, all in my books very relaxed and modern.



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